Our portfolio is divided into four verticals…

Fashion + Lifestyle / Sport + Automotive / Live Events + Broadcast / Agency + Corporate.

We are able to deliver art direction, design and technology to make any Fashion show or Lifestyle experience come to life:

  • Catwalk projection mapping stage designs
  • Motion graphics to display in-store and online
  • Cross platform visual content experiences from show to social
  • Create new markets by developing your brand with innovative technology

Our designers can pre-visualize a new concept from venue plans and can transform event locations for unique experiences:

  • Turn sport events into entertainment with innovative technology 
  • Event design for finales or launches
  • Event build up through narrative animation
  • Flexibly adapt content to brand the event

We can work with you or directly with your clients to turn normal campaigns into something experimentally different:

  • Creative direction and visual content for launch events 
  • Interactive experiences 
  • Style films with Motion GFX 
  • 360 content for Trade-show events 
  • Virtual Reality Apps

We understand the technologies that make Stage and Broadcast events work and build our contents in a range of formats to deal with unique setups, from LED string on TV sets to giant LED surfaces at festivals:

  • Audio responsive visual sequences
  • Seemless visuals across multiple screens
  • Scenic visuals for artist’s tours
  • AR Set design for broadcast 

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    Observatory Creative Ltd.
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