” I want those who view my work to be able to get my message”

Interview with hyeyeon yoo, 3D Digital Artist at Observatory

Observatory – Could you tell us about your career path? How did you get into the industry?

Hyeyeon – I started out in the design industry as a 2D graphic designer, working as a film poster designer at a film company. At some point, I realised that I wanted to express myself more than I could in 2D design. So I began studying Cinema 4D as a hobby initially, and I quickly discovered that I was really into 3D Motion. That’s how I became a 3D Artist, and I’m very happy with my decision.

Observatory – How did you get to the Observatory, and how do you find your time here?

Hyeyeon – I found out that the Observatory makes artworks in innovative and creative ways that I wanted to be part of. So, I’m having a good time here. We have a lot of exciting projects where I can try out new skills.

Observatory – What has shaped your vision and approach as a creative professional?

Hyeyeon – I have a friend who shares artwork that inspires her, as well as feeds her curiosity about design or skills. And I believe that this habit encourages me to be creative and keep researching. So, I’d say her influence is much shaping my vision.

Observatory – What is your favourite part of the creation process? And what don’t you like about it?

Hyeyeon – Modelling is my favourite part of the creation process. I find it very satisfying to visualise the picture I already created in my head. When you model, you can see the progress right away.

Observatory – What are the projects in your portfolio you’re proud of?

Hyeyeon – I created a title sequence for my favourite show, ‘Peaky Blinders.’

It’s my solo project, so I created all of the assets from scratch, having a lot of fun with the process. And it turned out really well, so I’d say that’s my portfolio piece that I’m most proud of.

Observatory – What are your top favourite books, movies or songs? Which one do you think every artist should know?

I got a lot of inspiration after watching Spike Jonze’s ‘Her,’ Xavier Dolan’s ‘Laurence Anyways,’ and Netflix’s ‘Love Death Robot.’ I highly recommend these. 


Observatory – Creatives are sometimes stuck at the start, unsure of where to begin. Do you have any tips on how to overcome it? Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?

Hyeyeon – I usually start a project with a single small keyword, such as an ‘object’ or ‘music’. Which sometimes may seem unclear.

Therefore, I always try to create my storyboard as detailed as possible. That, I believe, clarifies my idea and saves me time.

References are also very important to me. I keep an eye on social media like Behance and Instagram, where I follow a lot of talented artists.

Observatory – Do you have any ultimate secrets and principles of design? Can you name a few of them?

Hyeyeon – My design principle appears to be ‘make the artwork easy to understand.’ It is important to me to fully comprehend why and what the artist was attempting to convey through their work. And I also want those who view my work to be able to get my message.

Observatory – What are your thoughts on technology’s impact on content creation? Is it positive or negative? Do innovative tools drive the content?

Hyeyeon – It is positive, I believe. The more new technologies and tools there are, the less limitation there is.

Observatory – What upcoming changes or trends could you think about?

Hyeyeon – Abstract art, I suppose, is the current design trend. I see a lot of artists creating abstract artwork for NFT and I absolutely love it! It really inspires me.

Observatory – What are your long-term professional plans?

Hyeyeon – I’m just hoping to have representative artworks, so I can simply showcase them when people ask me, “What do you do for a living?” haha 😂 



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