DRAWDOWN  – Reversing  the effects of climate change. Projection mapping in King’s Lynn

25th Nov 2020 – Observatory presents DRAWDOWN this month in partnership with Collusion; a series of dynamic animations, projected onto historic buildings around King’s Lynn, that highlight ways to reverse the effects of climate change. It aims to provide us all with positive and practical ways to reduce our impact on the world.

The project draws on research from Drawdown, a 2017 comprehensive plan to reverse global warming, developed by an international coalition of leading researchers, scientists and policymakers. Their report ranks the top 100 ways to reverse climate change, with #1 being the most effective in sequestering carbon from the environment. To create DRAWDOWN, Sheppee has focused on the most relevant subjects for King’s Lynn, tailoring the solutions to the locality. Read our interview with Sheppee to find out more about what inspired this project.



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