BOWIE 76 • NFT DROP on nifty gateway 

A Collaboration with PLAYBOY + Shantell Martin

Bowie 1976 was a collection of three distinct, interconnected NFTs, inspired by the September 1976 Playboy Interview featuring David Bowie, in support of GLAAD. Visually inspired by the signature photographic triptych that has accompanied nearly 700 Playboy Interviews since Alex Haley sat with Miles Davis in 1962, Bowie 1976 revolves around three classic themes that speak deeply to the Bowie ethos: Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

To create the NFTs, Playboy opened the doors of its Archives and unearthed the candid – at times outrageous – between a then-29-year-old Bowie and music journalist turned director Cameron Crowe. Harnessing the energy of that 1976 conversation, Observatory worked with Shantell Martin to thoughtfully reimagine the interview through a contemporary lens, creating a digital marriage of text, imagery, and her signature hand-drawn line work. 

The motion graphic animations were made for sale on the premier NFT platform Nifty Gateway and auctioned on the 29th of June 2021

A series of Augmented reality adaptations of the work were created as part of the launch campaign and promoted as part of the countdown to the auction event. Designed in Aero, it gave audiences to opportunity to experience the NFT works as AR through any modern phone…

To check out these works please visit the links below from any mobile phone, which will in turn direct you to the relevant app for viewing.

Sex –
Drugs –
Rock n’ Roll –

Here’s a short Making of Film to highlight the process and work that went into this project. Big thanks to all involved – was great to have access to these kind of assets to work with.

Project Credits

Observatory – Graphic Design / Animation / AR

Shantell Martin – Artist • Liz Suman – Curator
Andrew Kent – Photographer, 1976 Playboy Interview
Cameron Crowe – Writer, 1976 Playboy Interview
Nifty Gateway – Partner • Neon Gold – Partner



Observatory Creative Ltd.
design district,  Building A2,
London, se10 0BJ